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is a family company

composed of a team of skilled professionals

with over 40 years' experience in the fashion industry. 

LCM deals with production

both costume jewellery and exclusive metal accessories

(custom made) high level

ready to mount on leather goods, clothing and footwear. 

The company follows the customer

during the entire development and design phase ,

dealing with (if the customer does not provide it) 

to realize both 2D ( .dxf ) and 3D ( .stl / .step) technical drawing

and its three-dimensional model.

LCM aims to turn simple ideas into high quality accessories with an excellent price-performance ratio.


Our technical department interfaces directly with the customer analyzing every aspect and construction variable and provides a 360° consultancy.



It is possible to have a digital rendering of the prototype 

before it is produced . 


It is also possible to carry out a 3D scan if the customer 

has only a sample and not a technical drawing .

Once the prototype has been realized in a very short time ( max 5 days )

LCM deals with the industrialization of the article 

optimizing production times and the best quality yield. 


The entire production is carried out with the latest generation numerical control machining centres (CNC) or by moulding.


The items can be produced in brass, ecobrass, aluminium, zinc die-cast steel as well as plexiglass. 

As for the material

BRASS / lead-free brass (ecobrass)

 the productions are made with: 





  • CNC ( automatic numerical control machines ) 

  • Lost wax casting 

  • Hot stamping 

  • Cold Forming 



Regarding ZAMA material ( only high quality )

production takes place by hot chamber die-casting.



The productions are carefully controlled

both for the quality level requested by the customer and for what concerns the various international regulations concerning hygiene and environmental safety.

With regard to galvanic finishes

Lcm offers the service of gilding and silver plating with certified thickness 

obviously nickel free.

It is possible to have, in addition to the classic static finishes, also "vintage" finishes made with special barrels and openings by vibrating and tumbling of high quality.

For the customer who wants it, the galvanic is protected by cataphoresis, which guarantees its durability and greater resistance.


At the customer's request it is also possible to

through specialized centers all kinds of tests on the finished accessory

such as resistance to humidity, perspiration, brackish etc..


With regard to marking and engraving on the accessory

LCM has a brand new fiber optic LASER RMU 

which allows maximum resolution of the engraved customer logo 

on any type of accessory .  






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